Nicolet National Forest.
These pictures were all taken in September, 1996.

Matt, Karie & the Ugly 75 Cruiser

This is Matt and Karie with our 1975 FJ40. License plate "UGLY 75."

The Windy City Land Cruiser club, circa 1996

The Windy City Land Cruiser gang. In September 1996, we journeyed to the Nicolet National Forest in Wisconsin 
(about 75 miles NW of Green Bay) to drive our manly vehicles over rocks, sand, mud, and some leaves and twigs.

The Approach

Hi there!

Soon after these pictures were taken, it started raining.

We're lined up and ready to go.

Line of Cruisers at Nicolet
Nat'l Forest

PJ-mud1.jpg  PJ gets started in the

P.J. LaReau and crew demonstrate how to take on the big mud.

pj-mud2.jpg  PJ sinking
in the mud!

Jason Moore walks right through deep mud with his 1979 FJ40.

Jason and mud 3

Jason and mud

Jason and mud 2

We went through the mud too.
PJ had to give us a yank with his SuperWinch once, but otherwise we were ok.

Matt & Karie in the mud

Cars on the needle. Berwyn, Illinois

You may have seen this sculpture in the movie "Wayne's World."
While other cars end up in the great big place in the sky, the Toyota Land Cruiser keeps on going.
That's Elsie the Land Cruiser mascot on the roof. She had a good visit in Chicago.

Hans, Chris, and Elsie

The first removal of the hard top. Hans Vrensen, Matt Farr, Chris Marshall.

She was an ugly Cruiser, but she had great personality.

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